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I Youth Football Skill classes:




Cape Canaveral 2018- Saturday Dec. 1- 

I Youth Football skill classes/ Camp/clinic:

Saturday- Dec 1, 2018

Ages 8-11:


$10 if registered before Nov. 22, 2018.


*Improve throwing and catching

*Scrimmages each class

*guaranteed to increase your skills



Next Speed clinic Saturday, Dec 8, 2018.


Speed clinics:

 Next clinics:  (Email us if you can't make it but want notified of the next clinic). 

In these 1 hour clinics, learn proven techniques to increase your speed. *Every participate will be faster after the clinic or your money back.* For ages 7 and up. All sport interests welcome.


Participants will learn:


  1. How to run with increased Power to be Faster.
  2. 3 specific stretchs to increase Speed.
  3. A Dynamic warm-up to keep you Fast before every game. 
  4. Timed Sprint before and after clinic. 


$25 per clinic for early registration before November 24th, 2018  $40 for late registration November 25th, 2018.


**Class registration is capped at single digits so register early to save your spot. 


Next speed clinic, Saturday Dec. 8th in Cape Canaveral.

Two sessions: 

Ages 8-10  9:30 am

Ages 11-14  10:30 am

 **Class registration is capped at single digits so register early to save your spot. 





 Personal training available upon request




Text or call with any questions:    321-223-5060          email:

**always looking for new fields and coaches.  Contact us if you want a class or clinic near you.